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To sum up Goldfinger in one word it would be "awesome". They have achieved so much, their albums have been better recieved every time they brought out a new one. Now, everyone's heard of Goldfinger because of songs like 'Superman', 'Open Your Eyes' and 'Spokesman'. 'Spokesman' has appeared on Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 4, and 'Superman', was on Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 1. Can their next album be even better? We'll have to find out, is it possible to get better than 'Open Your Eyes'?, well, we'll have to see the other tricks that Goldfinger have up their sleeves!

Goldfinger are:

John Feldmann: Guitar, Lead Vocals

Brian Arthur: Guitar, Vocals

Kelly Lemieux: Bass, Vocals

Darrin Pfeiffer: Drums

Goldfinger In Action:

Goldfinger In Action

Goldfinger Links:

Official Goldfinger Website

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