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Fénix*TX have established a rightful place in the top of many Pop/Punk fans lists, their talent has been felt through many different countries, including Spain and Italy. Once to have been managed by Blink 182's very own Mark Hoppus, but he has since left to manage Simple Plan. There have been several rumours about the band splitting up, but honestly I think they could have a few more albums left in them. If you like Unwritten Law or Blink 182, you should definately give this band a try. I'm sure that they will not dissapoint!

Fénix*TX are:

Willie Salazar: Guitar, Lead Vocals

James Love: Guitar, Vocals

Adam Lewis: Bass

Damon Delapaz: Drums

Fénix*TX In Action:

Fénix*TX in Action

Fénix*TX Links:

Official Fénix*TX Website

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