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AC/DC are the most easily recognised band in heavy metal, with the famous high pitched voice of Brian Johnson and the unmistakable power chords generated by guitarist Angus Young, AC/DC are instantly recognisable. Former vocalist Bon Scott died in early 1980 and was replaced by the now legendary Brian Johnson from the 'Back In Black' album to the present day. Without a doubt AC/DC are one of the fathers of heavy metal, along with classic bands such as Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, and are still going strong to this day with their latest album 'Stiff Upper Lip' released in 2000.

AC/DC are:

Brian Johnson: Lead Vocals

Angus Young: Guitar

Malcolm Young: Guitar

Cliff Williams: Bass

Phil Rudd: Drums

AC/DC In Action:

AC/DC In Action

AC/DC Links:

Official AC/DC Website

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